Session Menue

✴︎Finding your remedial mantra

✴︎Devanagari and Sanskrit Mantras

✴︎Ancient Japanese Mantras

✴︎Breath and Voice Work for Healing

Session Fee

Firs Session  ―― 90 min  $80

Second Session  ―― 60 min $60  

3 sessions ―― 90min + 60 min ×2 $150



4/93 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay


Mon  to Wed





Mico has struggled with physical and mental illness from early childhood. From her mid 20s, after seven times of surgery, Mico started to seek holistic ways of healing and found the power of voice. 

She learned Indian Classical Music under Taro Terahara (Bansli) and Bhakti Yoga and Mantras with Gina Sala (Cirque du Soleil) from 2009.

Mico has traveled India, Thailand, Japan and Australia with her partner, Shivam Rath (Crystal Slide) to learn, share and teach voice healing.Mico is passionate about teaching how to tune and harmonise the physical and spiritual world by the sound of our own voice. 

Her remedial voice session are highly regarded by professional yoga teachers, therapists, healers, actors, musicians, and parents. 

Based in the Rainbow Shire, Mico will guide you into the mystical world of your own voice to heal and ignite your spirit.


I trust myself as I trust the universe.

I trust the universe as I trust myself.