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​Birthing Mix for​ mother​s and  children

The "Birthing Mix" (Click the link and listen to it on Sound Cloud)is a sound compilation created to support the journey of the brave soul coming to the earth and the mother, as well as their family during childbirth.

The other day, I run into my friend and he hugged me without words. And he said, his baby has been born last weekend and during birthing they were listening to my song “Awauta” Japanese Ancient Mantra. Their story inspired me to create this mix.



The mix includes traditional Japanese songs such as "Awauta" and "Kimigayo," Sanskrit mantras which you might familiar from Kirtan, as well as the sounds of nature from my home in Byron Bay, Australia, such as the sound of waves, the murmuring of crickets, cicadas in the forest of Nimbin, and the whispering of a river on a new moon day.


At My Baby Shower 2016

I believes that every life begins in the water, the amniotic fluid of the mother, where babies listen to music (vibration) with their whole bodies through the delicate skin and soft cell membrane, as sound travels four to five times better in water than in air.


I have a six-year-old son named Satya and, despite being emotionally unstable and prone to illness due to past traumas, I have been complimented by others for being an "amazing mom" because of Satya's calm and gentle personality. 


When I reflect on this, I wonder what was a special thing I had given to him?


And only thing which came to my mind is singing.

Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 10.48.10 am.png

​Satya with his dad, Shivam

Shivam, Satya's dad, and I met through our practice of yoga and Indian music, and we always sang together. 

We often led Kirtan, and Satya grew up surrounded by our harmonious voices blending with many others which was the best gift that his soul received when he first came to Earth.


Our voices are undoubtedly the most precious gift that his soul received when he came to Earth in a physical body. It is the foundation of a lifetime of peace of mind.

Have you ever heard a story like this? 

"In a village in Africa, when a child is born, all the villagers sing a song for the spirit of that child. 

The song is sung repeatedly as the child grows up, not just at celebratory events such as coming of age or weddings. 

When the child faces difficulties in life, the villagers come together and sing. It serves as a guide to remind the child of their true self when they feel lost.”

mico is offering 'Baby Bless Chanting' for mothers and children

In a private session or at a baby shower, I will guide you in connecting with the hearts of the mother and the baby who are about to be born, and in singing Birthing Chants.

These songs will become Spiritual Songs that will support the mother, child, and family throughout their lifetime.

The session on the day can be recorded, and the audio can be provided as data, so you can listen to it and chant it as a Medicine Song to support the grand journey of life on the day of childbirth.

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