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Mico Sundari is hosting a radio program  "Multicultural Nation" on 99.9 Byron Bay FM every 1st Tuesday from 1 pm to 2 pm.

Each show features special guests, including artists, healers, yoga teachers, activists, and musicians, all of whom are dedicated to both the community and the global stage.

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On September 5th (Tuesday), I will have a special guest, Lydia Burth-Weir, on my radio show.

She is a dedicated yoga teacher and Jyotishee, a Vedic astrologer in the shire. "Astrology" has been a deep and fascinating subject for me for many years.

But what is the difference between Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology? 

If we consider that yoga, Ayurveda, and astrology are forms of wisdom connected to a greater source, how can we interpret their relationships and apply them to our lives?

What is the relationship between Jyotish and Mantra Chanting? 

Can we find a specific mantra to chant related to the perspective of astrology?

Especially, September 6th and 7th will be an auspicious time for Krishna Janmashtami. What are some good practices to connect with the beautiful energy of Lord Krishna?

Please tune in to 99.9 Byron Bay FM, Multicultural Nation, and join us as we delve into the higher consciousness with the wisdom of Vedic Astrology. 

The show will start at 1 pm, and you can also listen to it online.

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