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Private Sessions

One on one session is available regarding to your request

“VOICE” is such a mystical vehicle of your spirit to connect conscious realm and external world.

Here is a doorway to find the color of your voice to heal and enhance your physical and spiritual path.


●Find your remedial mantra which guides your spirit to embody your resolve and shift your life

 In response to the theme which you face or the resolve, find exact mantra which works as a medicine song to support manifesting your intention or overcoming the problems.


●Learn Sanskrit Mantras based of Deva Nagari(Sanskrit Alphabet)

If you already have your favorite mantra and want to comprehend the meaning and correct (pure) pronunciation, this is the one which you are looking for.

In this session, you will learn the clear pronunciation of each sylables of the mantra based on Deva Nagari (Sanskrit alphabet) and it makes your chanting practice much profound.



●Learn ancient Japanese mantras and characters


✴︎breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups are included in each session to connect your physical realm and spiritual realm

Session Fee

First Session  ―― 90 min  $120



Byron Bay Shire

※The venue will be announced when you book 

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