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〝Sanskrit Mantra Chanting〟

〜Beyond Kirtan

weekly class with mico sundari

You will learn about the pure sounds and pronunciation of Sanskrit Mantras based on the Devanagari (Sanskrit) alphabet.

This weekly session is designed for Yogis and Yoginis who are loving to do kirtan, meditators, chanters teachers, who wish to understand and experience clear & profound vibration of mantras.

Weekly Every Thursday


STARTS 28 April

@Shiva Parvati Dharma Yoga

128 Middle Pocket Rd, Middle Pocket NSW

※beautiful Yoga temple used to be called 〝Shanti Dwara〟

TUTION FEE $20-30 (Slider Scale)



mico sundari

Looking forward to diving into the deep ocean of Sansnrit & Mantras

हरि ॐ

mico sundari

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