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This offering encompasses not only traditional mystical knowledge, but also FUNDAMENTAL and PRACTICAL practices that can shift your conscious awareness on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 


In this weekend course (Sat and Sun), you will experience a full immersion into AMRITA: the essence, wisdom, and practice of Nada Yoga – the Yoga of Sound.

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If you find yourself wondering, 

●How can I harmonize the polarity of negativity and positivity within myself?"

●How can I align my body and mind?"

●How can I cultivate self-love?"

●I wish to uncover my soul's intention and the purpose of my life."

●I yearn to listen to and connect with the voice of my heart."

●I aspire to express myself authentically using my own voice."

●I want to tap into the healing and transformative power of my voice.”

Then, this course is tailored for you!


  • Breathing Exercises: To induce varied effects, groundedness, and heart-opening, thereby altering brain waves to access the depths of the subconscious realm.

  • Vocal Exercises: To foster a connection with your inner voice and amplify the source of life within you.

  • Intention (Samkalpa): Learning how to set creative intentions within the quantum field.

  • Mantra Chanting: Elevating and nurturing your vision through pure vibrations.

The aim of this concise course is to empower you to establish your own daily chanting practice, thereby enhancing the quality of your meditation in a conscious manner. 

This sequence of exercises totals around 15-20 minutes, enabling you to incorporate it as your daily Sadhana (spiritual practice).

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, November 18-19

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Mullumbimby Campus

​Term 4

Thanks to the support of Byron Community College, I am able to offer this invaluable teaching at an exceptionally reasonable cost:

Course Fee: $120 / $108 (Concession)

  • If you were to learn these methods individually, it would typically cost a minimum of $350-400.



“An excelent, experiential introduction to Sanskrit, Mantras and Nada Yoga.

I am finding myself feeling much more centered in my body and calm, whilst at the same time I do have more firm resolutions towards that which I would like to work in my life. ”

Anita Cook

“mico gave more than I could have ever imagined.

So much wisdom about energy, vibration and ancient knowledge, breath, consciousness and spirit of the whole song.Oh my gosh!”

Karen Blake


“Beautiful-Heart Felt, Lovely guide +voice and sharing of knowledge and experience”

Tracy Jarret

​Special Offer

For Those Who Have Taken This Course

As a Follow-Up, I am offering a private session at a special discounted price.

✴︎$50 per hour (Regularly $120 for a 90-minute initial session)

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