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Archeriga-Dream Time Festival Bring us back to Ancient Future

Regarding the Event:

The inspiration for this festival was bestowed upon me last year during my encounter with the humpback whales.
I had a momentary eye contact with a large female whale as she swam right beneath me.

That brief moment subtly but surely stirred something within me. In the book "Archeringa," it is said that these whales are distant ancestors predating the existence of humans.
Her wise and gentle eye captured my heart and reminded me of the intention I held when I left my country in 2013: to go to Byron Bay as a representative of my Japanese sisters and brothers.

Amidst the challenges of fluctuating health and the devastating floods following the pandemic, I had momentarily forgotten my mission. However, the reunion with this Ocean Soul reminded me of my "VISION" to bring our sisters and brother souls here, to Cavanbah, to remember who we really are, and to co-create an "Ancient Future."

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