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​Feed Back from Students

Mico has a wonderful teaching style that is so meditative, strong, clear and supportive.

I felt so guided by her voice , her music and her explanations of the pronunciation for each mantra we learned. The detailed notes provided allowed me to practise at home to really absorb the words and quality of the mantras with confidence .

It feels like such a blessing to be in Mico’s presence as she brings with her so much pure and clear energy . I look forward to her future classes and kirtan gatherings .




I feel a lot more confident and embodied in my mantra practice now I understand the pronunciation and meanings better.

It was very interesting and beneficial to learn the basics of Sanskrit and Devanagari as part of the course.

I would definitely recommend a second course to my friends and anyone who loves mantra and sound vibrations for health and well-being on all levels.

Mico was a great teacher, sharing her authentic experience, musical talent and depth of study and knowledge with us all. She made it very practical & sacred for us all. I highly regard & recommend.




Mico's inspiring angelic voice & genuine nature captivated me throughout the entire course & learning experience!

Being fairly new to chanting & the ancient Sanskrit language, this course has opened up a whole new pathway of understanding the meaning behind what I've been trying to hum along to at local yogic gatherings!

My wish was to learn the proper pronunciation to these ancient mantras to hopefully amplify my experience and deepen my connection with the Devine.

Mico's depth of knowledge, wisdom & support provided the perfect platform for my desire to be ignited. I thoroughly enjoyed being in her presence each week & would highly recommend any course taken with her, will set you on your path to greater expansion & growth!

Thank you Mico for sharing your passion & teachings with us all..



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