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New Moon Kirtan is a monthly practice to tune our vibration to the flow of the universe by chanting and meditating. The session is hosted by Mico Sundari who is an experienced Voice Therapist and Heliocentric Astrologer. The session will be held at Serene Earth Sanctuary in Myocum, Byron bay.


This monthly practice is an opportunity to plant your “Sankalpa” - the seeds of resolution - in the sacred garden of your soul. You will explore the field of unconsciousness and strengthen your connection with others through voice, mantras and music

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mico’s Private Session


“VOICE” is such a mystical vehicle of your spirit to connect realm of consciousness and the external world.

mico is keep supporting people who are seeking for their own color of voice to heal and evolve our physical and spiritual growth.


Her therapeutic and holistic voice session is highly regarded with local community and international, yoga teachers, healers, therapists, actors and mum and dads.


If you want to learn basic of Sanskrit language for chanting and Nada Yoga(Yoga of the sound), intensive course is available.

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