​Let me serve your inner divinity to manifest
“Sankalpa”, Spiritual Life Goal.


Mico Sundari

Voice Therapist | Nada Yogini

Born into a family of Japanese Shinto line, Mico has been dedicated to the path of “Nada Yoga”- Yoga of sound for 13 years. Having studied and practiced with great teachers such as Gina Sala (Global Vocalist /Cirque Du Soleil), Taro Terahara ( Indian Classical Musician/Bansuli Player) and her Yogic Partner, Shivam Rath ( Crystal Slide| Raga Retreat). A Facilitator of “New Moon Kirtan in Byron Bay” and a tutor of the Sanskrit, she is happily supporting people to reconnect with their inner sanctuary with the power of “Breath” and “Mantras” to manifest their divine purpose, “Sankalpa”.